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  • Telluride and Moab are two of the most charming destinations in the West. Destinations for adventurers, historians, and families alike, you’ve likely heard of them. Western Spirit’s ride from Telluride to Moab is one of our favorites. Here are five things to know before you go. This is the perfect first off-road adventure This ride is challenging, but not [...]

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  • Starting in mid-March, just in time for the Western Spirit season to kick off, we introduced our Ask a Guide Facebook Series. The goal of this series is to answer the questions YOU have about what a Western Spirit Guided Cycling trip entails. Each episode features a different topic with different Western Spirit staff [...]

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  • We have a couple of great trips involving the amazing town of Telluride, Colorado: Telluride to Durango and Telluride to Moab. What makes this town such a favorite among road and mountain bikers, travelers, socializers, and artists? Among other things, the views. Here are some of our favorites.  Mt. Sneffels The view of the Mt. Sneffels [...]

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  • Getting away with your family is a great way to make memories, celebrate different parts of your kids’ lives, and have new experiences together. But let’s not forget that getting the family away together can be a big job! Here are five trips where you’ll have a little support with logistics, making it a [...]

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  • Cyclist in Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument  President Trump's Executive Order on the Antiquities Act calls for a review of the national monuments designated over the last 20 years. As an outdoor business owner, I have had a front row seat for many of these monument designations and have seen the on the ground [...]

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  • When you travel with your family, it’s nice to have access to a variety of activities that allow you to take advantage of all that a destination has to offer—without too much research or mid-trip decision-making. Here are our three favorite resorts to take our family—and then a fun idea to [...]

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  • View of Washer Woman formation on the White Rim Trail, Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Utah. There are very few established mountain bike routes that are as well known as the White Rim. For good reason, this iconic ride has been in the hearts and minds of mountain bikers for decades. But why? [...]

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  • It's no secret that traveling with people can come with challenges. Leaving the comforts of home often brings out the best in people—and can also bring to light some less desirable traits. If you've taken trips with groups, you've probably learned lessons of your own, but here are some things we've learned over the years that might [...]

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  • Exposing young kids and teens to our national parks, national forests, and to the wilderness is extremely beneficial.

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  • Catching yourself daydreaming about beautiful sunny weather and thinking about heading out on a bike trip later this year?

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  • Looking for something a little different to do with your family this summer? How about investing some time and energy into developing a skill that you can all enjoy together? Learning and having adventures together are guaranteed to make meaningful memories with your loved ones—and there are usually plenty of laughs along the way. Here [...]

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  • Aspen is a legendary, Rocky Mountain town, famous for its skiing, hiking, art, and distinct culture. But have you heard about Telluride, it’s slightly more secluded, just as epic cousin? Here are a few reasons why we think Telluride is the new Aspen. Similar History The two cities have similar origins. Both were first inhabited by the [...]

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  • With Spring Outerbike right around the corner we thought we’d share a little Outerbike history.  Outerbike is a consumer demo event dedicated to helping riders pick their next bike. It was founded by Western Spirit owners Ashely Korenblat & Mark Sevenoff of Moab, Utah. With changes in sales channels and continual improvements in design and [...]

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  • Important Public Land Designations: Wilderness and National Monuments In Part 1 of our public land series we clarified the three major federal land managers: US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and National Park Service. All three of these land management agencies manage different types of lands within their jurisdictions. In the forest and on [...]

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  • Telluride, Colorado is a town like no other, surrounded by peak after peak of amazing mountains with endless terrain to explore. Hiking is surely the most popular activity in the summer, and there’s plenty of great cycling as well. Here’s what you need to know about hiking in Telluride. Allow for Plenty of Time There are [...]

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  • The era of experience is alive and well. More and more people are devoting their time and resources toward meaningful experiences versus owning more physical stuff. Look no further than your social media community, and most likely, you will witness most engagements focused on experiences. People are interested in pushing their boundaries by doing new [...]

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  • So, you may think the most significant, most rewarding part of being a mountain bike guide is getting paid to ride bikes. While that is pretty awesome, in my opinion, the most fulfilling part of the job by far is helping others enjoy the sport. Guiding is a 24/7, all hands [...]

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  • The following blog post is from a Guest on a trip. We wanted to feature it as it answers a few questions that we get quite a bit. We hope you enjoy.  My family is very choosey about vacations.  As our three boys get older, it is harder and harder to find a time when [...]

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  • Your Content Goes Here As you get the kids ready for school and catch up on laundry from summer adventures, it’s a great time to start planning next summer’s activities! If your family is anything like mine, you have the best time when you’re active together. Vacations [...]

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  • Gearing up for your first mountain biking adventure? Here are few tips from those of us who have been around the block a few times. You Can Bring or Rent Camping Gear If you are a seasoned and equipped camper, feel free to bring your own gear on your Western Spirit trip. If not, we’re happy to [...]

    Learn More About Things to Know Before Going on Your First Mountain Biking Trip
  • One of the most-asked questions from people about going on a Western Spirit trip is what to bring. So, I sat down for a few minutes to write down some tips. These come from my personal experience guiding trips. They are helpful for me and hopefully helpful for you also!

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  • Why you need to know about public land: As mountain bikers, we are dependent on public lands. Through my career in bike manufacturing, racing, and as an outfitter I have had the opportunity to ride on trails of every description on public lands of every type. Today there are increasing pressures on our public lands from [...]

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  • Join us on a fun-filled, all-inclusive, family vacation without all the planning. All you need to do is show up, jump on a bike, and pedal away with us into the sunset.

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  • Earlier this month, the Biden Administration launched the America the Beautiful Initiative, a ten-year, locally led, voluntary effort to restore and conserve America’s lands, waters, and wildlife. This program was inspired by the goal of preserving 30% of America’s lands and oceans by 2030, dubbed the “30x30” initiative. The goal is to make real progress [...]

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  • It's June and we're transitioning from the desert to the high country. But first our annual guide meeting here in Moab, Utah.

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  • I have seen bike love in many forms.  When I was 27, I became the president of a small company called Merlin.  I’d just graduated from business school and put everything I learned to work.  I had to order titanium in the same quantities as Boeing, six months in advance.  To do this I [...]

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  • People always ask us how far in advance they should plan their biking trip. Here's some insight from our years of experience to help you decide. When You Get Back From a Great Ride After a good, hard training ride, we recommend a little cool-down stretch. Maybe you’ve got a whole post-ride ritual with water, [...]

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  • In case you haven’t heard, this cycling thing is pretty good for you. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially, spending some good time spinning on two wheels is sure to improve your quality of life. Here’s how: Fresh Air Getting outside is a surefire way to keep your system functioning optimally. Fresh air in your [...]

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  • We all love to think it will never rain on our vacation, but we know the reality. We often say “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices!”

    Learn More About Western Spirit Cycling gets outfitted with Showers Pass active apparel
  • There is no doubt that, whether we like it or not, the oil and natural gas industry plays a big part in our day-to-day lives.

    Learn More About Oil, Gas, and Recreation: Part 1 – Methane
  • Happy 2018 and welcome to a new year! We're entering our 28th year in business based out of the mountain bike mecca of Moab, UT and have some great new things to share with you. To start with we'd like to welcome two new employees to our office team. Many of you remember Eric Donley [...]

    Learn More About Kicking off the New Year at Western Spirit Cycling
  • Report details visitor spending, job support   According to a Department of the Interior (DOI) press release sent out Thursday, visitors to national parks contributed $40 billion to the U.S. economy and supported 329,000 jobs in hotels, restaurants, transportation, and recreation. The annual National Park Service report showed that, in 2018, more than 318 million [...]

    Learn More About National Park Visitors Contributing Billions to U.S. Economy
  • I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just need to step away from my regularly scheduled programming to get some perspective. My life is busy and filled with family, work, and all kinds of responsibilities. It can be a challenge to keep up, and even some of the things that I love can start to [...]

    Learn More About What are Mountain Bike Vacations?
  • This season sees the Western Spirit guides putting 100%’s line of cutting-edge eyewear through its paces while guiding. While on the bike, 100% sport performance models such as Speedcraft and Speedcoupe will offer the clarity and protection our guides demand. “We’re stoked to bring new insights into the performance needs of our guides and guests and offer a refreshing perspective [...]

    Learn More About 100% and Western Spirit Cycling Join Forces
  • We hope this finds you in good health during this very challenging time for our world. Although our primary focus is on the health and wellbeing of our staff and communities, we are still planning for and designing backcountry bike trips on our public lands.

    Learn More About Our Favorite Cycling Route Planning Apps
  • Every bike needs love every now and again. So I wanted to fill you in on a few things you can do to keep you and your bike happy and running smoothly. Before every ride. 1 - Check your tires - Checking the pressure in your tires is something that you should do before every ride. [...]

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  • An update from Ashley about the 30×30 America the Beauty initiative. The original blog on this topic focused on what it means for the bike community.

    Learn More About 30 x 30 – Public Lands Update
  • The Grand Canyon is inarguably one of the most overwhelmingly beautiful places in the United States. Its magnitude, color palate, wildlife, and history have fascinated countless visitors for hundreds of years. Rainbow Rim The North Rim of the canyon is a higher elevation than the South Rim, and provides our favorite views. The Rainbow Trail [...]

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