From the very beginning in 1990, Western Spirit has always been about getting people outside. Although we are known for our cycling trips, what we really do is feed everyone’s need to get outside! This mission is rooted in our history and whether we are designing new trips on our incredible public lands; supporting trail initiatives; or advocating for recreation economies across the country, we know that time spent in the great outdoors is time well spent!

2 mountain bikers riding around Moab Utah.

Our Why

In recent years, a growing body of scientific evidence proves what we suspected all along: humans need nature. And it turns out that you need a minimum of three full days out there to get the benefit. So, our 4 and 5-day trips across America’s amazing public lands are just what the doctor ordered – multiple days of riding, exploring, relaxing, and of course, eating in the great outdoors.

A collection of older photos.

Our History

Our owners, Ashley Korenblat and Mark Sevenoff are both mountain bike pioneers. Ashley served as the chair of the board of the International Mountain Bicycling Association and Mark has raced (and won) events too numerous to mention. Both realized that access to public lands and trails requires constant attention, and today more than ever, these shared lands need our support.

Riders at a trailhead sign.

Our Project

In 2012, Public Land Solutions was created to support public lands and the outdoor recreation economy which depends upon these natural places. Public Land Solutions is working with communities that are pivoting from dependence on oil and gas and coal to recreation. Access to land in its natural state brings quality to all types of communities and helps economies transition from climate-damaging resource extraction to more sustainable revenues from both visitors and businesses. PLS works directly with the communities as well as on the federal and state policies that affect the funding and management of our public lands.


Our Future

We believe the health of our planet, ourselves, and our economies depend on respect for natural landscapes and ecosystems—and we count ourselves lucky that our job is to share these amazing places with all of you.