Why Travel With Us?

Our Story


Ashley Korenblat bought Western Spirit in 1997 and since then has spent many days riding unknown trails creating the plethora of trips that Western Spirit now offers. Ashley is a graduate of Dartmouth and Tuck Business School, a former bike racer, former wall street captive and possessor of entrepreneurial spirit. She was president of Merlin during the titanium mountain bike heyday and served as the IMBA President working to sustain trail availability for everyone. Today she’s managing director at Public Lands Solutions and co founder of Outerbike. 

Mark Sevenoff and Ashley got married in 2000 and have run Western Spirit together ever since. Mark comes from a 30+ year career of mountain biking, back country skiing and camping. Guiding out west since 95, these days he shares his time working in the field, office and warehouse for both Western Spirit and Outerbike. Their teenage son Kip keeps them both in line while living full time right in the heart of Moab. 

All of us in the office have worked outdoors and are familiar with what you will experience on a Western Spirit trip. At any given time when you call you can talk to someone who has guided the trips that interests you. That’s because we love to be out there too!


The guides "training" in Moab, Utah

At Western Spirit, the staff is the heart of our company. Our guides love what they do and are dedicated to providing you with the very best vacation. Each of them has received extensive training in backcountry travel, cooking, natural history, and first aid, not to mention their cycling and mechanical skills. They are committed to the outdoors and have a great deal of knowledge and experience. Their attention to every detail leaves you free to enjoy the riding and your vacation. 


Lizard Head Pass, Telluride CO

In our busy world, we often don’t get to be outside enough. Even if you do, there’s some phenomenon that just makes you want more. Nothing like going somewhere to make you realize all the other places you still need to go! Traveling outside makes you see Mars when it’s the closest to earth it’ll ever be, makes you smell the fragrant lupine covering the mountain slope, makes you feel the wind, see the perfect sunset, catch an eclipse of the moon, experience the herd of elk in the alpine meadow, and start to tell time by the location of the moon in the night sky.

What’s that all worth in our busy world? Truly priceless. 

On all of our tours, we strive to protect our fragile mountain and desert environments. Many of our campsites are remote and unimproved, and we seek to leave them better than we found them. 


The International Mountain Bicycling Association. With the right to ride on public lands comes a responsibility to preserve those lands for future generations. You can hold up your end of the bargain by joining IMBA. Once you are an IMBA member, your bike flies for free on selected airlines.


What’s the best bike? You decide. Western Spirit Cycling proudly presents Outerbike, where you can test ride all of the latest and greatest bikes and gear on the world class trails of Moab, Utah, Crested Butte, Colorado and now Bentonville, Arkansas. For three days, the world’s best bike and gear manufacturers will be set up at the Outerbike Expo site. You can walk through and see the latest innovations, pick a bike you’d like to try and take it for a ride. Repeat as needed. Shuttles, guided rides, bike park access, lunches, parties, movies and beer included in the price of admission.