The evidence is everywhere. You need to get outside for a minimum of 3 days. Sure that afternoon hike or weekend ride is beneficial, but the real magic happens when you actually live outside for at least three days. A trip to the backcountry can do wonders for both body and soul!

Location Is Everything

On Western Spirit bike trips we make it possible for you get out there, really out there, away from the crowds. The views, the sunsets, the peace, will all work their magic.

Your Kind Of Riding

If you crave singletrack, we’ve got it. If you want to see the best part of our National Parks via cruisey dirt roads and fun easy trails, we’ve got that too.

Healthy, Natural, Abundant

We take care of all the planning and the packing, so poof!— after a great ride there will be great food.


Our Guides Can Really Cook

Yummy appetizers followed by Dutch oven dinners and fresh salads. And you have definitely earned dessert!

Connect With Friends

Spending time in the out of door allows you to re-connect. Share experiences with old friends and make some new ones. A Western Spirit bike trip gives you the chance to disconnect from the day to day stress and truly relax.

Cozy Camping

After a day of exploration in the fresh mountain air, your cozy tent will await you. The right gear makes camping an absolute joy.

Side Hikes And Adventures

Enjoy a hike through an old growth forest. Stretching our legs after a big ride feels good. From canyon overlooks to hidden caves, we are always excited to explore.

Tools & Expertise

Let our guides help you keep your bike running smoothly. It goes without saying that we love bikes. We have the tools and the training to keep your bike running smoothly so you can just enjoy the trail.

Hot Springs and Rivers

Take a dip in mountain fresh water. Wait till you experience the rejuvenating feeling of taking a mid-summer swim in a clear flowing river. Nothing tops a bike ride better than a cold beer after a refreshing swim.

Campfire Conversations

Relax after a day well spent on your bike. The feeling of sitting next to the campfire with friends is awesome. We laugh, joke, and are always ready to put another log on the fire.

The Ultimate Night Sky

Start a relationship with the Milky Way. The views don’t stop when the sun goes down. We like to stay up to watch the constellations rise.

“To begin with the landscape and scenery was majestic and awesome. The guides were all instrumental in enhancing the experience with their knowledge, skills, and out of the goodness of their character.”

– Edward