Getting away with your family is a great way to make memories, celebrate different parts of your kids’ lives, and have new experiences together. But let’s not forget that getting the family away together can be a big job! Here are five trips where you’ll have a little support with logistics, making it a bit easier to travel with your family this summer.

Grand Canyon

Any list of family vacations in the United States would be incomplete without mention of the Grand Canyon. Even if you’ve seen a million photos, nothing can prepare you for the majesty and absolute magnitude of this natural masterpiece. Given its popularity, it’s important to make reservations early at any of the area’s hotels and attractions. There are a number of ways to experience the canyon including on foot, on horses, or in a raft. Our favorite is by bike. A guided mountain bike trip with Western Spirit Adventures is the perfect way to show your family the canyon, and have someone else take care of the logistics. Our Grand Canyon family adventure explores the South Rim of the canyon. The terrain is perfect for beginning cyclists, and we include some hiking, to show off the canyon from a different perspective.


Yellowstone National Park provides an unparalleled combination of attractions for kids and adults of all ages. Geysers, canyons, rivers, waterfalls, and forests provide a varied landscape that is home to hundreds of animal species. Tourism in the park has developed to include a wide variety of activities and educational opportunities. It’s also a beautiful place to just relax! Roads in the park provide ample opportunity to explore by car, and there are thousands of miles of trails for those who prefer to explore on foot or by bike. This is another of our favorite Western Spirit family trips. The Yellowstone and Gravelly Range trip begins just northwest of the park, and we explore the park on the last few days. Whether with us, or on your own, Yellowstone truly has something for everyone.

Washington, D.C.

If your family is looking for an educational vacation, our nation’s capital is a great place to visit. D.C. is steeped in history, and can provide some great experiences to compliment what your kids might be learning in school. The cities innumerable museums provide opportunities to learn about history, art, science, and aerospace. And most of these attractions are very affordable. If your kids are middle-school-aged or older, this is a really navigable and interesting destination. Like many cities in recent years, D.C. has also implemented a bikeshare program, called Capital Bikeshare, which provides a fun and affordable alternative to the metro, or… driving!


If you’re interested in getting out of the city altogether, Redwood National Park is definitely a place to consider. It offers some of my favorite views in the whole country. Redwood trees are nothing short of awe-inspiring when viewed up close—especially for people who aren’t very tall! Hiking and biking are certainly the best way to learn about and appreciate the magnificent landscape, and it’s remarkably close to the coast as well, providing an amazing variety of terrain to explore. Western Spirit Adventure runs trips for families in Redwood National Park as well, and it’s certainly one of our classics.

San Diego, CA

And of course, there’s always the beach! Coastal towns have come to learn the benefits of catering to families, and San Diego is no exception. We love Coronado Beach for it’s great lifeguards, tame surf, and soft sand. It’s easy to play in the water with young kids, but there are enough attractions nearby to keep older kids entertained. The locals actually consider this peninsula to be very separate from San Diego, though it’s just over the bridge from the city. The San Diego ZooSea World, and Legoland are close by, if you’re looking for some time away from the beach, but my kids could stay in the warm Coronado water all day!

So, the biking is our favorite, of course, but there are lots of ways to get your family out and about this summer—and lots of ways to make it more manageable. If you’re considering a bike trip, give us a call and we can help you choose the one that’s best for your family!