COVID-19 Information & Plan

Last updated 04/2021

One of the safest places you can be during these challenging times is in the great outdoors, and here at Western Spirit, we have been working hard to support everyone who wants to get outside. As our return guests know, we have many procedures in place to keep everyone safe and healthy. We have updated these for this challenging time.

Updated Trip Protocols


1. Pre-trip--week of:

  • Guests will be asked to complete a health and travel survey regarding their health and recent travel and exposure possibilities. Issues that arise will be addressed through re-scheduling.
  • Guests will be asked if they have been diagnosed with or tested for Covid 19; antibodies test? Results?
  • Guests and guides with any symptoms the week before the trip will be asked to reschedule.
  • Guests will be asked to sign an additional WSC COVID Waiver that will explain the procedures below, request compliance, and address exposure.

2.  Daily Procedures / No Communal Touch Points:

  • Touch only your personal gear; rental gear is assigned to the same person for the entire trip
    • Before reaching into the snack bin or drink coolers you must wash or sanitize your hands.
    • Water will be available via foot pumps at all times and water spigots will require pre- and post-sanitization from either a bleach spray or the use of hand sanitizer.
    • Restroom procedures will be adjusted via sanitization between uses and a personalized toilet pack for each guest (toilet paper, hand sanitizer, wipes).
  • Social distancing (6ft) will be implemented 
    • Chairs will be set up 6ft apart
    • Tents will be set up at least 25-feet apart when possible
  • High traffic areas, such as visitor centers or popular trailheads, will be avoided. Itineraries are subject to minor adjustments in order to avoid such locations. 
  • Symptom questionnaire is asked of both guides and guests every day, temperature is checked daily.

3. Mealtime Procedures

  • Guides will be responsible for serving all meals, snacks, and appetizers, and desserts. Individual plates/bowls/utensils will be used. 
  • We use a 4 bin dishwashing system. All dishes and utensils are sanitized in this process.
  • Guides are certified Safe Food Handlers and have been trained to National Park Standards which include virus awareness techniques.
  • Guides will wear gloves and masks while serving food, and change gloves as necessary to avoid any cross-contamination
  • If a line forms at mealtime, guests will be required to stand 6ft apart.
  • Hands will be washed or sanitized before reaching into the drink cooler.

4. Shuttling Procedures

  • All passengers in shuttle vans will wear masks.
    • In case you do not have your own mask, Western Spirit will supply a facemask. 
  • When possible guest vehicles will be incorporated into shuttle plans to minimize van time.
  • Guides will have hand sanitizer/ hand wash available before entering the vehicle.

5. Between Trips

  • Surfaces in shuttle vans are completely sanitized and cleaned between trips, using the recommendations outlined by the park.
  • All equipment is completely cleaned and sanitized between trips. 
    • Rental camping gear will be washed after every use. 
    • Bikes are tuned, as well as washed.
    • Kitchen equipment and coolers are all sanitized.

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