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Sun Valley Singletrack - Oertle Private Trip

  • Sun Valley Singletrack - Oertle Private Trip
  • Sun Valley Singletrack - Oertle Private Trip
  • Sun Valley Singletrack - Oertle Private Trip
  • Sun Valley Singletrack - Oertle Private Trip
  • Sun Valley Singletrack - Oertle Private Trip
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  • Aug 17, 2014 - Aug 22, 2014

Sun Valley, Idaho remains one of the best kept secrets in the mountain biking world.

Smooth trails of decomposed granite and a mountain biker friendly forest service have combined to create some of the best riding we have found anywhere on the planet.

Day 1

This morning we’ll ride right from the bike shop to the base of the Sun Valley Ski Area. The resort has designed some trails that are pure fun and offer stunning views of Ketchum’s Big Wood River Valley. We’ll pick up our lift tickets so we can take the chairlift to the top of Bald Mountain where we’ll enjoy the 360 degree panorama of Idaho’s majestic mountains. Our first ride, the Cold Springs Trail, descends 3,000 feet, delivering us to our lunch spot. After eating, we’ll hop on the River Run chairlift again for a ride back to the summit. Then clip in and
hold on for a 10 mile world class singletrack descent. The Warm Springs Trail was built with mountain biking in mind, a beautifully laid out trail that contours around the mountain and is filled with fast corners, jumps and great views. From the bottom it is 11 miles up an easy dirt road to our camp for the night on the banks of Warm Springs Creek. Frenchman’s Hot Springs is just down the road from camp so we’ll be able to return to this spring for a relaxing soak. TOTAL MILEAGE: 31 miles

Day 2

The Salmon River awaits us today! We will be picked up by White Otter Outfitter Adventures for a wonderful day on the river. We will have the options of rafts and small inflatable kayaks. We end up in Sunbeam, Idaho where an amazing spread will be waiting for us! We will relax for a while on the deck overlooking the river and rest up for our ride tomorrow. We will get shuttled back to our wonderful camp.

Day 3

Today, we’ll enjoy a fantastic lollipop loop from camp, the Red Warrior Trail. We begin with a short warm-up ride on a dirt road before we enter the singletrack. Our ride takes us up Red Warrior drainage, crossing the creek uncountable times. We reach the divide between Red Warrior and Lodgepole Gulch. This saddle is a perfect place to see the Smoky and Boulder mountains. Atop the mountain, singletracks head off in all directions through lovely stands of aspen and Douglas Fir, open meadows and toward hidden drainages. We’ll loop down Lodgepole Gulch, swooping through towering stands of pine, to Mahoney Creek where we’ll traverse lupine filled meadows back up to the saddle. From here, Red Warrior will feel like a new trail, descending fun switchbacks, twisty sections and lots of rollers. At the end of the ride, it’s a perfect time to hop in the hot springs; then we’ll head back to camp. TOTAL MILEAGE: 18 miles

Day 4

From camp this morning we'll head downstream along the banks of Warm Springs Creek towards the ski area, before turning north to our trailhead. Today's menu features the world class Adams Gulch trails which have everything from barely ride-able granny gear climbs to endless flowing single track descents to challenging rock gardens - and everything in-between! We'll easily rack up between 2,000 & 3,000' of climbing and descending and never have a lack of options. Trails will include Lane's, Sunnyside, Shadyside, Adam's Gulch, Harper's and others. After a full day of primo single track we'll have a short cool down cruise next to Corral Creek Trail to our camp for the next three nights on the banks of Trail Creek. While no hot springs here, we have spectacular views of Baldy and a creek to swim in or try your hand at catching dinner. TOTAL MILEAGE: 20-30 miles

Day 5

If we think the group is up for it, today's ride will challenge even the fittest guests. But this is also the perfect day to have a day off the bikes and take a hike! If we ride we'll start out on a friendly doubletrack jaunt up Corral Creek with the Pioneers looming in the distance. Up and up we'll go burning your lungs and testing your legs until you're either pushing or toasting victory. The reward will views of the mighty Pioneer Mountains like you've never seen before. The ride is far from over at this point, but the majority of the climbing is done, allowing you to reap the downhill reward. And our hiking option to the historic Pioneer Cabin is an all time photo op and wildlife sightings are common up here. Whichever option we choose, we will enjoy being back in our lovely camp. TOTAL MILEAGE: 24 miles biking, or 8-10 hiking

Day 6

Our final day of riding will take us on another amazing loop just north of town. Like the other day, we'll have a nice spin out the bike path to get our legs warmed up before the climbing. Our destination is the Oregon Gulch loop. While this loop does climb 2300' it's one of those rides that is such a great time, you forget about the hard parts instantly. We'll have a some rocky technical sections to test your balance and nerves, but plenty of high speed cruising too to cap off a spectacular week of riding. Our celebratory ride back to camp even has the option of passing by one of our favorite watering holes. A great place for many stories! TOTAL MILEAGE: 18 miles

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Sun Valley Singletrack - Oertle Private Trip Itinerary

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“The guides have been all exceedingly friendly, helpful, and genuinely fun to be around, especially to my son, whose first question upon returning home is always, "Where are we going next year?" ”




  • Type: Singletrack [?]
  • Location: Idaho
  • Ability: Advanced [?]
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Cost: $1350
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