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Lewis River Singletrack

  • Lewis River Singletrack
  • Lewis River Singletrack
  • Lewis River Singletrack
  • Lewis River Singletrack
  • Lewis River Singletrack
  • Lewis River Singletrack
  • Lewis River Singletrack
  • Lewis River Singletrack
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  • Jul 7, 2014 - Jul 11, 2014
  • Jul 14, 2014 - Jul 18, 2014
  • Jul 21, 2014 - Jul 25, 2014
  • Jul 28, 2014 - Aug 1, 2014
  • Aug 4, 2014 - Aug 8, 2014
  • Aug 11, 2014 - Aug 15, 2014
  • Aug 18, 2014 - Aug 22, 2014
  • Aug 25, 2014 - Aug 29, 2014

On this trip we ride through the incredible country between Mount Adams and Mount St. Helens. These massive volcanoes are surrounded by beautiful old growth forests with super singletrack weaving through them.

We begin on the Mt. Adams side with great views and beautiful forest camps. Then we head to the famous Lewis River Trail where we swoop and zoom in and around the giant Douglas firs following the course of the river. We finish with the Ape Canyon ride to the Plains of Abraham right on the slope of Mount St. Helens.

This is an incredible ride through the forest on the edge of the lava flow with stunning views of the peak and the pumice fields around it. While some of the singletrack is quite technical, the mileage is very reasonable and the climbing is fun and do-able.

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Lewis River Singletrack Itinerary

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Lewis River Singletrack


This trip meets at 8:00 AM PST at Best Western Hood River Inn, 1108 East Marina Way, Hood River, OR 97031, 541-386-2200 You will need to spend the night before in Hood River, which is 60 miles east of Portland, OR.


We will return to the hotel in Hood River between 3:00-4:00 PM on the last day.



After packing up in Hood River, we will head to Surveyor’s Ridge, one of the most well known mountain bike trails in Oregon. As with most ridge trails, the constant and unpredictable ups and downs are quite exhilarating and challenging. We will meet up with the van for lunch, before heading down the Dog River Trail (called The Dog by locals). This is an amazing descent so check your brakes and hold on tight! We will meet up with the van and shuttle to our Lewis River campsite, our home for the next two nights. TOTAL MILEAGE: 14 - 16 miles


Today we ride the famous Lewis River Trail through old growth cedars and Douglas fir. It is an almost perfect trail with a beautiful tacky surface through the shade along the bright blue river. There are several short, steep climbs thrown in at regular intervals to keep your heart rate high, but we are in no hurry to leave this wonderful place. The trail flows along the length of fallen trees for what seems like a quarter mile per tree, giving you new appreciation for how tall these giants really are. We zip along flat sections which turn and twist through side drainages, giant ferns and bigleaf maples. This is one of the all-time best mountain bike trails in the US. We finish with a smile and cruise back to our lovely camp. TOTAL MILEAGE: 22 - 24 miles


Today we’ll give our rear ends a little break and embark on a different adventure. After breakfast we’ll drive up to the flanks of Mount St. Helens to explore the furthest reaches of a lava tube formed from an eruption 1,900 years ago. Mount St. Helen’s Ape Cave Lava Tube is a popular attraction in the Mount St. Helens National Monument and the longest lava tube in the continental United States—it is over two miles in length! This lava tube formed when the surface of a lava flow cooled and hardened, but the molten lava beneath the surface continued to flow. It will take us 2-3 hours to hike Upper Ape Cave and then we will return on an above ground trail. This hike is fairly adventurous as we must climb over approximately 27 boulder piles and scale an 8 foot high lava fall. We’ll need sturdy shoes or boots and warm clothing as the cave averages 42 degrees Fahrenheit.


If you liked the Lewis River Trail, you’re in luck because today’s ride on the Siouxon Trail has the makings of another classic. Siouxon is a trail for riders of many skill levels. The upper section is good for intermediate riders. The middle section is a comfortable ride for the advanced beginner, and the end sections offer obstacles and challenges for the intermediate to advanced rider. No matter what your level, the trail is a scenic delight with an incredible fern and moss covered understory, the beauty of Siouxon Creek and several waterfalls thrown in for good measure! TOTAL MILEAGE: 18 miles


Our final day begins with an early start since we are headed high up on Mount St. Helens. No camping is allowed on the mountain itself, so we must shuttle to the trailhead. Here we have great views of Lava Canyon. We begin the ride up the forested trail at a very moderate grade. We have five miles to climb and 1,300 feet to gain. The trail travels along the edge of the massive mudflow and we go in and out of the forest on its edge. Several gentle switchbacks bring us up to a forested ridge with views back towards Mount Adams. At last we reach tree line! From here pumice slopes rise up the snowy peak above us. It is easy to imagine the lava flowing through the deep cuts in the earth which surround us. The views leave no doubt that the climb was worth it, and the awesome flowing descent which follows is the icing on the cake. It is a great way to end our wonderful week. TOTAL MILEAGE: 10 miles


Road Surface: Singletrack dirt, gravel, pine needles. Double track and some pavement.
Technical Difficulty: Moderate to difficult.
Physical Difficulty: Moderate to difficult.
Altitude: 1,300 - 4,500 feet.

Please Note: Itineraries are subject to change due to weather, road conditions, rider safety, and other factors which may affect the logistics of the adventure.


“The guides have been all exceedingly friendly, helpful, and genuinely fun to be around, especially to my son, whose first question upon returning home is always, "Where are we going next year?" ”




  • Type: Singletrack [?]
  • Location: Washington
  • Ability: Intermediate-Advanced [?]
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Cost: $1185
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