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Simon Stewart

Simon Stewart

“Is a highly competent leader, is terrific at bicycle maintenance and has a great sense of humor. ”

Home Town: Santa Fe, New Mexico...…or really Ireland.

Years as a Guide: 10

Favorite Western Spirit Trip: Colorado Singletrack for mountain/ Beartooth for road.

Most fun you have had on 2 wheels: BC Bike Race

Favorite Dutch oven recipe: Anything in a D.O is spot on tasty.

Who would play you in a movie of your life?: Edward Norton

Favorite guest quote: "Is the shower water cold? Is it going to make me scream? Do you like it when I scream?"

What is your claim to fame: I once dreamt that Bono and I were best mates, does that count?

What do you do when not riding: Get fat and grumpy.

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