Noah Keller

Noah Keller

"Is approachable and always responded to guests’ questions positively and cheerfully. He is an expert and fun to be with.”

Years as a guide: 7

Favorite Western Spirit trip: Currently its a 3-way tie with the Methow, Umpqua and Black Canyon Trail, the riding is stupid fun and the terrain is amazing!

Most fun you have had on 2 wheels: Riding in Oregon on my week off last summer, got to explore some new trails and enjoy it with really good company.

Favorite Dutch oven recipe: Chicken Marbella, its super easy, throw it all in a Dutch oven, drink a few beers and its done!

Favorite guest quote: Don't think that one would be good to reproduce, (thanks Mr. Kaukonen, I chuckle every time I think about it) but anytime you see someone who is super excited with the day's ride is as good as any quote.

Claim to fame: MacGyver

What do you do when not riding: Blow S@#$ Up!

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