Mary Dishman

Mary Dishman

“My son loved playing cards with Mary. She’s a wonderful role model, pleasant to be around, and always looking on the bright side.”


Home Town: Durango.

Years as a Guide: 6

Favorite Western Spirit Trip: I hate this question.  They are all good! If I had to choose... Gooseberry in the fall and Umpqua in the summer, but I am really excited about the Methow trip.  And Mt. Hood is quite lovely too. Ah! I give up. 

Most fun you have had on 2 wheels:  There are those rides where you are smiling ear-to-ear because you're on an amazingly fun trail, and you are with your friends in a beautiful place, and you don't think life can get much better... 

Favorite Dutch oven recipe:  One time I made nachos on a trip. They were delicious!   

Who would play you in a movie of your life: Penelope Cruz, of course! Don't u see the resemblance?  

Favorite guest quote: 

What is your claim to fame: I'm famous??

What do you do when not riding: summer =  ride, eat, sleep. repeat. winter =  ski, eat, sleep. repeat. 

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