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Josh Coffin

Josh Coffin

“Is easy going, knowledgeable and fun. He is a good guacamole maker.”

Home Town:  South Bend, IN -- currently in Durango, CO

Years as a Guide: 10

Favorite Western Spirit Trip:  We have a lot of great ones but seeing as how I've spent the last 7 seasons out there, I've gotta say the Umpqua.  Even riding that trail for weeks on end-- it just never gets old. And the dirt is some of the finest in the country. 

Most fun you have had on 2 wheels:  Any time we get the entire staff together for a multi-day Ballyhoo session is always some of the best times a guy/gal can have on a bike. 

Favorite Dutch oven recipe:  Roasted spuds

Who would play you in a movie of your life?:  Chuck Norris

Favorite guest quote:  While in the middle of NOWHERE on many trips, "do we have to worry about someone stealing the bikes at night?".

What is your claim to fame: I guess it depends on whom you ask. But I was a pretty bitchin Chuck Norris one year for Halloween. 

What do you do when not riding: I ski powder.  Daily.

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