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Gloria Kaasch

Gloria Kaasch


Home Town: Durango, CO.

Years as a guide: 1 year bike guiding, 8 years raft guiding, 9 years life guiding.

Favorite Western Spirit Trip: North Rim Grand Canyon...there is nothing like waking up feeling like you are on the edge of the world.

Most fun you have had on 2 wheels: Teaching my father how to ride with clipless pedals.

Favorite Dutch Oven recipe: Hot gooey double fudge brownies!

Who would play you in a movie of your life: Uma Thurman, like in Kill Bill but on a mountain bike....

Favorite guest quote: "Where did they find you? Your pretty hilarious for a girl"--Dave. Thanks, I think. 

Claim to fame: I can read minds, levitate when no one is looking, and spell words sdrowkcab.

What do you do when not riding: Stay in constant motion until another force acts upon me. I also manage a children' s ski and snowboard school, volunteer for good karma, and eat as much as possible till the next ride. 

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