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  • Brock Bordelon

    The guides have been all exceedingly friendly, helpful, and genuinely fun to be around, especially to my son, whose first question upon returning home is always, "Where are we going next year?"

  • Frank Hargett

    Telluride to Moab

    The wilderness. The spiritual connection to my fellow travelers, the world and the universe. Seeing the stars and the Milky Way each night. Riding a bicycle through every climate zone of the Colorado Plateau and living to tell about it. This is living.

  • Aimee Shumard

    What's not to like about a Western Spirit trip? It's like being a kid all over again — you play all day, your meals and logistics are all taken care of, and at the end of the day you get dessert and sometimes even a story.

  • Hal and Leigh Butler

    The scenery, conversation, food, organization, professional yet friendly demeanor of the guides, wildlife, oh and the biking, all combined to make our first, and definitely not last, bike trip memorable on many levels.

  • Jen Kammerer

    The instructors and guides were great! Very personable, obviously talented and skilled cyclists, but very humble and unintimidating.

  • Julie Emerson

    Every meal was excellent; my stomach was smiling.

  • Derek Akerhielm

    I liked being in such a remote and beautiful location and still feeling comfortable and secure, thanks to the guides and support vehicle.

  • Mark Drouin

    There were too many good things to pick one over the other. All of the guides were phenomenal, tremendous food (I ate way too much!), great bikes, amazing camping locations, spectacular trails!

  • Pierre Provencher

    When you are served hot brownies in the woods, what more can you ask for?

  • Morgan Weinberg and Heather Kelley

    We have never had such a luxurious bike trip!

  • Brad Haubert

    Wow! Wow! Wow! What a fantastic trip! I was so happy to actually have a vacation where I felt both incredible peace and great sense of accomplishment! The trails were top notch. The food was top notch. The guides were top notch. Every detail seemed to flow together seamlessly!

  • Pamela Paling and Frank Halter

    Five days in the great outdoors and riding trails we would never find on our own is a sheer joy!

  • Linda Reid

    I would take a trip a week if I could get the vacation time. Thanks again for rekindling my love of mountain biking.

  • Bob Swintz

    I sure did enjoy the trip. I felt so privileged not having to do anything. I am so used to planning the menu, shopping for it, packing it, setting up camp, tearing down camp, and negotiating when, where, what, why and how with other trip participants. So to let Western Spirit handle ALL of that was really special for me.

  • Christina Fatsis

    It was like stepping into another world for a week... rejuvenating my mind and body and sense of humor. Just me and my bike and the great outdoors.

  • Phil Smart

    Thanks for the best cycling trip I've ever ridden. Not only was the riding the right blend of fun and challenge, but the guides made the trip a joy.

  • Franklin Blackford

    This was the most technical and challenging of the five trips I've taken with you. I have never had an inadequate guide on a Western Spirit trip. They are the strength that make all of your trips reliable successes.

  • Becki Clark

    August 2005

    The quality of your guides really makes these trips special. They are great at anticipating needs. What great people skills!

  • Ricardo Reyna

    I would not only come on another cycling trip with you, but am already thinking about which one. You have a great company and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to cleanse my spirit last week.

  • Walt Sledzieski

    What I like most was the scenery, the diversity, the organization, the co-riders, the guides -.the trip re-energized my soul.

  • Martha Rekrut

    I go on trips with Western Spirit because they offer genuine challenges. I enjoy the opportunity to see what I can do in a safe environment with like-minded people.

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