White Rim Trail

White Rim Trail

The White Rim Trail is THE classic Moab mountain bike tour. With jaw-droppingly gorgeous views, slot canyon hikes, ancient ruins and a dip in the Colorado River, this is a ride to get you off the grid and into the vast open spaces of Canyonlands National Park.

White Rim Sandstone is an extremely hard sedimentary rock sandwiched among the layers of the Colorado Plateau. Winding through the plateau, the Colorado and Green rivers have carved out a section of Canyonlands called the Island in the Sky. The White Rim Sandstone encircles the Island and is thought to have been the border of an inland sea. Mountain biking is a wonderful way to experience the unique beauty of Canyonlands. Our tour provides ample opportunities to explore the slot canyons and Ancestral Puebloan ruins along the way.

Riding the White Rim is a great experience for all levels of riders. The technical sections are short and can be easily walked by the less experienced, while providing a fun challenge for the more experienced.

Location: Utah
Duration: 4 days
Ability: Introductory
Price: $925

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