Black Hills of South Dakota

Black Hills of South Dakota

The Black Hills of South Dakota rise above the plains and create a cool summer environment, perfect for riding the twisty turny terrain found here.

Black Hills National Forest includes lots of fun singletrack trails and dirt roads rolling through spruce groves and grassy meadows. Goldenrod and Echineacea grow wild everywhere, along with all kinds of sunflowers.

The itinerary includes great sections of the Centennial Trail and the Deerfield Trail just outside of Silver City, South Dakota. Every camp is on a beautiful lake, making this singletrack and camping heaven. And to top it off, on day three we take a party barge out on the lake for swimming.

The Black Hills tour is a great trip with fun singletrack and lots of swimming opportunities.

Location: South Dakota
Duration: 5 days
Ability: Intermediate
Price: $1245

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