Lewis and Clark Lolo Trail

Lewis and Clark Lolo Trail

On September 14, 1805 Lewis and Clark reached the Bitterroot Mountains west of Lolo Pass on the border of what is now Montana and Idaho.

Up until this time, most of their journey had been on the Missouri River and they were anxious to get through the mountains and on to the Columbia River before the winter. The going was rough and on September 15th Captain William Clark wrote, "From this mountain I could observe high rugged mountains in every direction as far as I could see." If their courage was ever daunted, it might have been here.

In the 1930s a road was built through the region where Lewis and Clark traveled and signs were erected at many of their camps. Our trip takes us through this remote country, much of which is little changed since their visit 200 years ago. The doubletrack road rolls along the ridge top constantly climbing or descending. The riding is fun and non-technical, climbs provide a good challenge each day and there are many points of interest along the way. Each night we will read a portion of Lewis and Clark's journals and present a variety of interpretive programs created to help us understand all about this famous journey.

Need more details? Give us a call at 800-845-2453. We'll help answer all your questions about this spectacular trip. This Lewis and Clark tour is an intermediate 5-day guided mountain bike trip in Idaho.

Location: Idaho
Duration: 5 days
Ability: Intermediate
Price: $1245

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